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Peter Sellers (other than Pink)

I closely associate Peter Sellers with his role as Inspector Clouseau and also Chance the TV-loving president in Being There.  I think this radio/album piece showing his deep mimicry and language skills is terrific:

Silly Asses!

A one-page Asimov gem from the 1950s: Here is an article with links to other similar “pulp fiction” essays from science fiction writers that are now in the public domain.

The Python to Reunite!

I adore Monty Python. I guess you get them or you don’t. I think it may also be (somewhat) a belly chortling, waspish, male thing (at least males of a STEM bent). But anyhow, I adore Monty Python. Just picked up one of their LPs at the used-book/record store last week: The Monty Python Instant […]

Mein Gott, ich werde dich vermissen geliebten Google Reader!

Google … diese dumme Scheiße.

Five Common Word Usage Mistakes in English

Grammar was endlessly boring and opaque for me in, umm, grammar school; however, it’s increasingly interesting to me in mid life.  My whole professional life is  about writing of some form or another … and I love it.  Here’s a little piece on five common word usage mistakes in English.

Keep Calm and Carry On – a Kansas Mashup

The family and I were on vacation week before last on the Washington coast; the cottage we stayed at had a British-cottage-by-the-seashore decorating motif.  I enjoyed the set of matching “Keep Calm and Carry On” coffee mugs.  I’d seen this quotation and iconic poster before, but associated it with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy […]

Romeo and Juliet go to Costco

Smithsonian had a fun article on the Rose and Jack could have both survived hypothesis; I had seen the Mythbusters episode some time ago. As is often the case, the comments to the article are funnier than the article.  Here’s one: A true love story ends in death. If the story carries on after marriage, […]


I read a short story by Arthur C. Clarke this evening titled The Lion of Comarre.  In it I came across the word interregnum; here is the Merriam-Webster definition.  I’ll look it up in the OED soon and perhaps update the post if there is further interest. In a nice coincidence, Wikipedia gives as one […]

The Web We Lost

Good blog: The Web We Lost.  It describes the evolution of the “cool web” (my quotes) into a less-inspiring commercial proposition.  Resonates.  Utterly predictable too.  Watch for lots of innovator’s dilemma beginning to occur in the social-industry; the quickened pace of these cycles is breathtaking and a little scary nowadays. Although I’m a technologist and […]

Obviate! Existance is an encounter.

Obviate is a word that shouldn’t be rare but oddly is.  It describes an action which is so common in life and work.