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Category Archives: Language

WordPress Beautiful Math Feature

I’ve been on a bent of late.  Coincidentally, I just updated WordPress and noticed a JetPack feature called beautiful math which allows math typesetting commands inline in the blog post.  It must render at since I know GoDaddy’s shared hosting account does not support provisioning a LaTeX distribution (I researched this for MediaWiki earlier). […]

Knuth, TeX, and Line breaking algorithms

I’ve caught the bug and its wonderful world of typesetting and typography wonkiness. Knuth has gone to great lengths to make open and publish all the details of and important algorithms it uses (e.g. those for line-breaking). It occurred to me to research if/how folks are actually using these fine algorithms. Others are interested too […]

Lisp and Fundamental Particle Physics?

Was reading a technical book today and came across this: The original Lisp language as defined by John McCarthy in his earth-shattering essay “Recursive Functions of Symbolic Expressions and Their Computation by Machine, Part I” (McCarthy 1960) defined the whole language in terms of only seven functions and two special forms: atom, car, cdr, cond, […]

Some Nuance on Nuance

My favorite word is nuance (see OED entry below).  Being a discerning human, man, husband, father, son, friend, co-worker, citizen, reader, and thinker is all about seeing, making, and understanding subtlety and shadings in all things. I had not really thought of nuance’s derivation and when it began to be used — somewhat ironic given […]