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Category Archives: Information Technology

Goose Pimples of the Physical

I’m a software guy.  That’s how I bring home the bacon.  I secretly love hardware; it’s so pleasingly tangible.  I don’t get to see much of it in my business anymore: everything is a cloud now.  This short and crystal clear nostalgia walk through telephone and telegraph central station buildings in NYC — continuously updated from the […]

Ode to 10 year uptime

I will always have a soft-spot in my professional heart for Sun Microsystems (Solaris, SPARC, …).  So choice.

Facebook-obsessed dummies

John C. Dvorak is usually good for a pithy remark when the IT industry does something screwy. From his article about Google shutting down Google Reader: The real problems, and Google knows this, are today’s Facebook-obsessed dummies. With all the power of the network at their fingertips, people would rather jump into a closed system, […]

Walter Cronkite Predicts: Home Office of the 21st Century

Actually, Mr. Cronkite’s predictions are not dissimilar to my actual home office in this the 12th year of the 21st century… (Full disclosure: I never wear a suit and tie while working…)

The Web We Lost

Good blog: The Web We Lost.  It describes the evolution of the “cool web” (my quotes) into a less-inspiring commercial proposition.  Resonates.  Utterly predictable too.  Watch for lots of innovator’s dilemma beginning to occur in the social-industry; the quickened pace of these cycles is breathtaking and a little scary nowadays. Although I’m a technologist and […]

Walk a day in another man’s shoes…

I’m at a large vendor today representing my company in a customer council.  I think it’s cool that the Government of Israel’s CTO is wearing the exact same shoes as me (brown loafers, scuffed, but oh so right for travel and business casual).  Small world.  

WordPress Beautiful Math Feature

I’ve been on a bent of late.  Coincidentally, I just updated WordPress and noticed a JetPack feature called beautiful math which allows math typesetting commands inline in the blog post.  It must render at since I know GoDaddy’s shared hosting account does not support provisioning a LaTeX distribution (I researched this for MediaWiki earlier). […]

Knuth, TeX, and Line breaking algorithms

I’ve caught the bug and its wonderful world of typesetting and typography wonkiness. Knuth has gone to great lengths to make open and publish all the details of and important algorithms it uses (e.g. those for line-breaking). It occurred to me to research if/how folks are actually using these fine algorithms. Others are interested too […]

Your words are wasted

Obviously,  I agree with the sentiment…

Watch “”Why Pi?” – from Donald Knuth’s Computer Musings” on YouTube