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Category Archives: Music & Joy

Love is a Battlefield: Pat Benatar Still Rocking It!

Here’s one for the Gen-X crowd…  I dug (and I dig) Pat Benatar.  This is a great little NPR acoustic concert with her long-time husband and guitarist Neil Giraldo.  Both of them still have “it.”  Wonderful.  

Tone of the Gods

Oh yeah … at least 11.  

That guitar needed six months of therapy …

A for enthusiasm? O for OMG?

Wonderful Tone Fiend

I aspire to be like this great guy ( when I retire … by then I’ll have more than 20 years of guitar under my belt: I’m a bit of a late bloomer but making progress and having a blast.  

How to be a Jerk [Guitar Player]

Generally applicable:  substitute anything for “Guitar Player.”  

Peter Sellers (other than Pink)

I closely associate Peter Sellers with his role as Inspector Clouseau and also Chance the TV-loving president in Being There.  I think this radio/album piece showing his deep mimicry and language skills is terrific:

Europe in 8-bits

For the nostalgic geeks out there … also capturing a bit of the builder spirit of today.

A Grunch of First-Class Talent Practicing for Their 1992 Gig

Here’s a terrific behind-the-scenes video of George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, and (perhaps lesser known) friends practicing together for a 1992 30th-anniversary tribute concert for Bob Dylan:

2014 First Post: Imogen Heap Paired with Jeff Beck

I’ve been an Imogen Heap fan for years — here’s a delightful pairing (who would have thought?) of Imogen and virtuoso guitarist Jeff Beck. I love to watch Mr. Beck make his Stratocaster sing. Chill out with this tune.

Fun: One Chord Challenge

These guys are great and having a lot of fun. Delightful!