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Category Archives: Science & Technology

Goose Pimples of the Physical

I’m a software guy.  That’s how I bring home the bacon.  I secretly love hardware; it’s so pleasingly tangible.  I don’t get to see much of it in my business anymore: everything is a cloud now.  This short and crystal clear nostalgia walk through telephone and telegraph central station buildings in NYC — continuously updated from the […]

Silly Asses!

A one-page Asimov gem from the 1950s: Here is an article with links to other similar “pulp fiction” essays from science fiction writers that are now in the public domain.

Europe in 8-bits

For the nostalgic geeks out there … also capturing a bit of the builder spirit of today.

Mixing Work with Pleasure

My employer has a kick-butt media/marketing wing…

Newt Gingrich Meets the Smartphone (Annotated Edition)

Boeing 747 Strip Down & Overhaul

It’s Weird to be Middle Aged (Evidence Point #29, Cars)

What does it mean if you like the 1995 version of something better than the 2013 version of something? Here’s a car example: Audi is releasing a brand new A3 built to the almost-exact dimensions and “spirit” of their classic A4 sedan of the 90s.  I like the old one better, bless me. (Full disclosure: […]

Ode to 10 year uptime

I will always have a soft-spot in my professional heart for Sun Microsystems (Solaris, SPARC, …).  So choice.

Facebook-obsessed dummies

John C. Dvorak is usually good for a pithy remark when the IT industry does something screwy. From his article about Google shutting down Google Reader: The real problems, and Google knows this, are today’s Facebook-obsessed dummies. With all the power of the network at their fingertips, people would rather jump into a closed system, […]

Mein Gott, ich werde dich vermissen geliebten Google Reader!

Google … diese dumme Scheiße.