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The world’s most important 6-sec drum loop

Walter Cronkite Predicts: Home Office of the 21st Century

Actually, Mr. Cronkite’s predictions are not dissimilar to my actual home office in this the 12th year of the 21st century… (Full disclosure: I never wear a suit and tie while working…)

Strangely Comforting…

I was reading an article this morning describing the cruise-ship-sized asteroid that is going to cruise by earth on February 15, 2013 at something like 15-17,000 miles (i.e. less than geostationary orbit).  The article relates that the asteroid was only spotted about a year ago and that if it did hit earth it would be […]

Watch “The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History” on YouTube

Astronaut Self Portrait

Aki Hoshide, Japanese astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) snapped this great photo. It’s tempting to make a joke about the Japanese and their cultural love for photo snapping, but that would be unworthy…  

The Web We Lost

Good blog: The Web We Lost.  It describes the evolution of the “cool web” (my quotes) into a less-inspiring commercial proposition.  Resonates.  Utterly predictable too.  Watch for lots of innovator’s dilemma beginning to occur in the social-industry; the quickened pace of these cycles is breathtaking and a little scary nowadays. Although I’m a technologist and […]

On Microbiomes

The connection between antibiotics fed to livestock, dramatic reduction in certain bacteria in today’s kids, and certain modern/increasing maladies is interesting:

Walk a day in another man’s shoes…

I’m at a large vendor today representing my company in a customer council.  I think it’s cool that the Government of Israel’s CTO is wearing the exact same shoes as me (brown loafers, scuffed, but oh so right for travel and business casual).  Small world.  

Martin Gardner (and interesting friends)

Naked Science

A catchy name!  I wanted to record a notable link for a set of YouTube clips offering 2-3 minute vignettes of science and technology topics. They use the stop-action pen-on-paper technique to great effect. Bryn was doing a science experiment where she marked the surface level of a glass of water, froze it, noted the […]