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Category Archives: Politics & Sociology

How to be a Jerk [Guitar Player]

Generally applicable:  substitute anything for “Guitar Player.”  

Newt Gingrich Meets the Smartphone (Annotated Edition)

Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim

Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim #TED :

Bertrand Russell’s Ten Commandments for Living in a Healthy Democracy

I haven’t read or studied Bertrand Russell yet; he comes up commonly as a hero or influence to others that feel like heroes or influences to me.   I like his ten commandments for living in a healthy democracy.

Facebook-obsessed dummies

John C. Dvorak is usually good for a pithy remark when the IT industry does something screwy. From his article about Google shutting down Google Reader: The real problems, and Google knows this, are today’s Facebook-obsessed dummies. With all the power of the network at their fingertips, people would rather jump into a closed system, […]

Robert Crumb: Mixtures of Revolting and Appealing in a Unique Individual and Life

The funny thing about Robert Crumb  is that I have never actually seen one of his cartoons “in the wild” — perhaps I have at some point but it didn’t make an impression.  In fact, although I deeply respect Crumb’s artistic talent and dedication, his drawings and style don’t appeal to me in a strong […]

Dancing Matt 2012

I had been vaguely aware of “Dancing Matt” but my mother sent me his latest 2012 compilation. Sometimes moms have a sense for the good stuff!

Prices that seem impossible … because they are impossible.

Interesting take on Amazon: Amazon, as best I can tell, is a charitable organization being run by elements of the investment community for the benefit of consumers. The shareholders put up the equity, and instead of owning a claim on a steady stream of fat profits, they get a claim on a mighty engine of […]

Romeo and Juliet go to Costco

Smithsonian had a fun article on the Rose and Jack could have both survived hypothesis; I had seen the Mythbusters episode some time ago. As is often the case, the comments to the article are funnier than the article.  Here’s one: A true love story ends in death. If the story carries on after marriage, […]

So British

Monty Python meets the local (UK) Christian stormtroopers, 1970s BBC style.  Excellent!