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Monthly Archives: October 2011 | The Sunday Edition | Our celebration of CBC’s 75th Anniversary!

This week, the Sunday Edition’s live celebration of CBC Radio’s 75th Anniversary. Part roast, part toast; highlighting the best from the vault and looking ahead to the future with special guests including Sylvia Tyson, Serena Ryder, Barbara Lica, Judy Maddren, Mark Starowicz, Don Ferguson and an all-star band directed by Joe Sealy. via | […]

Luck Is Just the Spark for Business Giants –

Nietzsche wrote, “What does not kill me, makes me stronger.” We all get bad luck. The question is how to use it to turn it into “one of the best things that ever happened,” to not let it become a psychological prison. via Luck Is Just the Spark for Business Giants –

KJV and Douglas Campbell on CBC Tapestry

  I’m listening to a podcast of a CBC Tapestry episode that I caught parts of when it played “live” on September 25th. This episode has some great insight and historical discussion of the King James Version of the Bible. Also, some touching and thought provoking recordings of actor Douglas Campbell reciting Shakespeare and William […]

Card-Catalog Modern Tombstone

Tuned into a C-SPAN piece tonight with a cemetery curator pointing out interesting Washington D.C. grave sites and telling the history and interest of each. One that I thought was cool and interesting was a (yet) unoccupied grave of Thomas Mann, a librarian in Washington.  Thomas designed his tombstone to imitate a card from a library card catalog. […]

HP-33S Calculator – Separated at birth from late model Ford Fiesta?

  As a long-time enthusiast of RPN calculators from HP — an enthusiasm launched with the purchase of an HP-42S at the UC Irvine bookstore in 1989 — the fairly recent HP-33S scientific calculator has always distressed me with its horrible, horrible, horrible chevron keyboard and design motif.  Who actually thinks this is cool or […]

Ford Fiesta: Worst Vehicle Human Factors Ever?

I’m a fan of what Ford has been doing in their lineup in the last few years (I’ve had many as rentals) but I do believe the new Fiesta might have the poorest dashboard radio++ controls I’ve seen yet.

Steve Inskeep: “Instant City” | The Diane Rehm Show from WAMU and NPR

Brief listen this morning while brushing teeth — familiar voice Steve Inskeep.  Missed his new book discussion, but very much appreciated his mid-western attitude and sense of humility and gratefulness (for his radio career) in the face of challenges like night and weekend work (while juggling family). Also, appreciated his pure love of radio as […]