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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Your words are wasted

Obviously,  I agree with the sentiment…

Watch “”Why Pi?” – from Donald Knuth’s Computer Musings” on YouTube

Watch “Douglas Crockford: The JSON Saga” on YouTube

I thought Slide 45 was interesting from a variety perspective: XML Alternatives JSON config YAML CanonML HDF SSYN OGDL SDL DL Boulder ONX SMEL Property lists ConfigObj GroovyMarkup ATerms LNML GODDAG JITTs Esis/Pyxie ConciseXML SML TexMecs A specification language Waterken doc UBF Xqueeze Ool atx Grutatxt APT txt2docbook txt2tags AsciiDoc reStructuredText Epytext EtText AFT txt2html […]