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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Knuth, TeX, and Line breaking algorithms

I’ve caught the bug and its wonderful world of typesetting and typography wonkiness. Knuth has gone to great lengths to make open and publish all the details of and important algorithms it uses (e.g. those for line-breaking). It occurred to me to research if/how folks are actually using these fine algorithms. Others are interested too […]

The scale of startup ambition

Sidney Rittenberg: Mao’s Buddy and Fox Island Neighbor!

At lunchtime was listening to KUOW and heard a really interesting interview of Sidney Rittenberg, a man with an interesting historical background and a current resident of Fox Island which is part of the greater Gig Harbor circle. ┬áIt’s a small world when you can run into a fellow at the Safeway grocery store who […]

Happiness is a warm puppy.

Mr. Max “Trouble” Beets ignores the dangers (my feet and electricity) to snooze away the afternoon under my desk…