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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Vast Public Indifference: Here’s a Stumper

I love it when smart people still care:

Watch “Ohio State Marching Band is “Out of this World”” on YouTube

Mapping Stereotypes

This site is mightily entertaining and deeply educational: Mapping Stereotypes | Alpha Designer

Endeavor’s Journey in LA

Fun time lapse video of space shuttle Endeavor’s journey from LAX to it’s final resting place at the California Science Center:  

WordPress Beautiful Math Feature

I’ve been on a bent of late. ¬†Coincidentally, I just updated WordPress and noticed a JetPack feature called beautiful math which allows math typesetting commands inline in the blog post. ¬†It must render at since I know GoDaddy’s shared hosting account does not support provisioning a LaTeX distribution (I researched this for MediaWiki earlier). […]