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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Crazy Good

I love being a dad.  I love it especially because I have two great daughters that are developing fantastic personalities and very individual senses of creativity, humor and art.  I never know what’s next … came into my office one morning to find some crazy-good art on fine display:

Your New TV Ruins Movies

I remember tuning up my old CRT televisions with gusto (this was pre kids).  A buddy of mine was really knowledgable about these things and helped me out. More than a decade later, here’s the flat panel version:

Obviate! Existance is an encounter.

Obviate is a word that shouldn’t be rare but oddly is.  It describes an action which is so common in life and work.    

On Microbiomes

The connection between antibiotics fed to livestock, dramatic reduction in certain bacteria in today’s kids, and certain modern/increasing maladies is interesting:

Watch “Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake History of Rap” on YouTube

Pure and distilled fun and talent:

Walk a day in another man’s shoes…

I’m at a large vendor today representing my company in a customer council.  I think it’s cool that the Government of Israel’s CTO is wearing the exact same shoes as me (brown loafers, scuffed, but oh so right for travel and business casual).  Small world.  

Martin Gardner (and interesting friends)

Scheming boxes

Need to look up the P word at this humorous page:

Wonderful Photograph Colorization

I have never been a fan of colorized movies; to me all that is achieved is to suck some of the character and artistry out of black and white originals. That said, I came across a Swedish colorization artist named Sanna Dullaway who is featured here and here that breathes new authentic life into some classic […]

Naked Science

A catchy name!  I wanted to record a notable link for a set of YouTube clips offering 2-3 minute vignettes of science and technology topics. They use the stop-action pen-on-paper technique to great effect. Bryn was doing a science experiment where she marked the surface level of a glass of water, froze it, noted the […]