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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Hacking Travel Guitars

I travel a lot and have been thinking about what would be the least cumbersome and most economical means to have a guitar on the road.  I’d like to avoid awkward carry-on dancing and TSA x-ray machine jitterbugging: ideally I’d get a guitar that conceivably could fit snugly in a large suit case.  There are […]

Conan Plays Guitar!

Came across this gem of Conan O’ Brian and his traveling band of 2010 playing as a guest of Jack White.  Funny and cool.  The video is rough (a smart phone in the audience) but that’s okay:


I’ve picked up the guitar again; I fooled around a bit with an electric guitar in the late-nineties/early-00s but didn’t keep up with it (I gave my cheap Ibanez electric to a friend’s son). Not too long after that I picked up a lovely Martin OOO-15 acoustic but it has mostly been admired and not […]