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Keep Calm and Carry On – a Kansas Mashup

The family and I were on vacation week before last on the Washington coast; the cottage we stayed at had a British-cottage-by-the-seashore decorating motif.  I enjoyed the set of matching “Keep Calm and Carry On” coffee mugs.  I’d seen this quotation and iconic poster before, but associated it with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books (I think mixed up in my memory with  iconic “Don’t Panic!” and always remember your towel greatness).

Today I was browsing around, thinking about buying a poster for my home office — like many, I find “Keep Calm and Carry On” to be … umm … calming and gastronomically buttressing.  Go figure.   In browsing and Googling I learned that the famous poster/phrase originated not in popular and humorous science fiction but in the real Ministry of Information in WWII Britain.  Apparently, this was the “in case Germany invades” poster that would immediately be rolled out across the British Isles by earnest civil servants — funny, I would think bombing from the air and V1 and V2 rocket strikes would be plenty enough reason to break out such a dandy.

Since apparently the famous poster is out of copyright, many e-tailers are cashing in on it.  I really admire the creativity of product mashups as well as riffs on the theme.

This particular riff nearly made milk shoot out my nose — okay, that’s a lie; I was not drinking milk at the time but I did laugh out loud with excessive mirth and maybe a trailing gurgle (enough to capture in a blog).  For those who may share my sense of humour: