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I’ve picked up the guitar again; I fooled around a bit with an electric guitar in the late-nineties/early-00s but didn’t keep up with it (I gave my cheap Ibanez electric to a friend’s son). Not too long after that I picked up a lovely Martin OOO-15 acoustic but it has mostly been admired and not played too much.

I’ve always loved music and have decent ear and rhythm — attention span and other excuses have landed me at age 42 as still officially a beginner; but the musician bug is resilient and I sure get a kick out of playing. It’s thrilling (and reassuring) that practicing every day shows results.

I’ve picked up an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a Roland practice amplifier this month to round things out; both produce a quality of sound and action that make me reflect that my poor (probably mal-adjusted) ┬áIbanez and cheap practice amp (so cheap I can’t even remember the name) weren’t doing me any sonic favors way back when.

Here is my favorite online guitar instructor: