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The Python to Reunite!

I adore Monty Python. I guess you get them or you don’t. I think it may also be (somewhat) a belly chortling, waspish, male thing (at least males of a STEM bent). But anyhow, I adore Monty Python.

Just picked up one of their LPs at the used-book/record store last week: The Monty Python Instant Record Collection (although oddly I discovered such record’s true identity only when placing it on the turntable platter for the first time as it was housed in the record jacket of Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album).

I am delighted to read tonight in the news that the surviving Monty Python members are re-uniting in 2014 for a one-night show.

Here’s their announcement press conference.  Audio is atrocious; I’m posting only for the wonderful atmosphere of the press conference (so Monty).  Their master of ceremony for this pushes my Terry Gilliam Time Bandit buttons as well.  Bonus choiceness.