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2014 First Post: Imogen Heap Paired with Jeff Beck

I’ve been an Imogen Heap fan for years — here’s a delightful pairing (who would have thought?) of Imogen and virtuoso guitarist Jeff Beck. I love to watch Mr. Beck make his Stratocaster sing. Chill out with this tune.

Fun: One Chord Challenge

These guys are great and having a lot of fun. Delightful!

Jim Gaffigan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Friends

I love social fusion; laugh out loud.

Jack White, Conan, and Carl LaFong

While watching a great interview of Jack White by Conan O’Brian, was turned on to a well-known skit, “Carl LaFong”, by W.C. Fields. Jack White and Conan have a bonding moment about W.C. Fields (a mutual idol) at about 18 minutes into the interview:

Here’s at least one version of “Carl LaFong”:

I really like the pained-tone ambiance and pathos of W.C. Fields. A bit of brilliance.

The Python to Reunite!

I adore Monty Python. I guess you get them or you don’t. I think it may also be (somewhat) a belly chortling, waspish, male thing (at least males of a STEM bent). But anyhow, I adore Monty Python.

Just picked up one of their LPs at the used-book/record store last week: The Monty Python Instant Record Collection (although oddly I discovered such record’s true identity only when placing it on the turntable platter for the first time as it was housed in the record jacket of Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album).

I am delighted to read tonight in the news that the surviving Monty Python members are re-uniting in 2014 for a one-night show.

Here’s their announcement press conference.  Audio is atrocious; I’m posting only for the wonderful atmosphere of the press conference (so Monty).  Their master of ceremony for this pushes my Terry Gilliam Time Bandit buttons as well.  Bonus choiceness.

Love this guy! Music in his heart and keepin’ it real…

Kind of reminds me of my Uncle Chuck too: similar suburban Massachusetts accent/drawl plus my Uncle Chuck rocked his shortwave and police scanner radio shack in his basement…

Spinal Tap and Annette O’Toole: Goodness

This evening, I watched (again) one of my favorites: Spinal Tap.  It just never gets old. A new angle (or viewpoint) this time around is that I’m playing the guitar now (acoustic & electric) so I “got” all the guitar jokes and cliches more directly.  Laughed my head off that much more.

Afterwards I was poking through IMDb to catch up on the Spinal Tap actors and was delighted to find out that Michael McKean is married to Annette O’Toole.  I have to admit to having a big ol’ crush on Ms. O’Toole in yesteryear — seeing her mentioned instantly put me into the youth nostalgia portal.

Finding this connection led me to this most excellent video of the Spinal Tap players (who still like to gig together in street clothes) performing with Annette O’Toole:

Rush: Musicians, First Class

Rush … is Rush. I wanted a YYZ bookmark in memory space…

100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N’ Roll)

This makes me giggle with delight … way to go man!

Russell Brand Blast

Russell Brand has a delightful brain and a wicked fast tongue.  I’m a fan.  Here’s one example among many: Russell Brand rather jarringly paired with interviewers on the MSNBC Morning Joe show.

Here’s another gem as Russell Brand is hosting at a David Lynch conference: